Amtgard ORK

This is a landing page for the Amtgard ORK development effort.

ORK 3 Documentation

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ORK2 to ORK3 Mapping

This is a mysqldump of the two tables used to track the import progress from ORK2 to ORK3. It used the import scripts /import/import.php, /import/import.primary.php, /import/import.ork2.wl.php, and /import/import.wl.php.

The table dbimport_cache contains the real meat of the mapping. The fields are defined as follows:

The table dbimport_status merely tracked import status, since the import scripts caused regulary out-of-memory errors. Anyways, you can download the mapping here.

Development Sites

Primary development has moved elsewhere. These sites are kept for legacy purposes.